2017 Program and Speakers

2017 Program and Featured Speakers

We want to thank those who committed to the 2017 Chapman Dialogues: Conversations on Faith and Civility. Due to low enrollment we have canceled this year’s program. Read more…

Our program features two keynote sessions, four workshops, small group discussions, and a panel Q&A. Your time at Chapman Dialogues will also include a resource marketplace, community-building project, and time for relaxation. View and download the conference schedule.

Keynote Speaker:
Faith and Civility: Beyond the Golden Rule
Mr. Daniel Buccino 

In Reviewing the history and impact of the Hopkins Civility Initiative, we will carefully define civility and its place and power in today’s society. In offering an overview of civility, we will also consider how civility can inform the essential skills of relational competence. Civility will be seen to inform a personal, professional, secular, and ethical stance that can facilitate “The Good Life.”

Civility affords us strategies to live in ways most consistent with our preferred views of ourselves and our futures, and consistent with our own faith traditions and practices, and commitments to social justice. Whether we approach it from a secular or spiritual perspective, civility offers ways to envision and work toward a life that is good for you and good for others.

Our keynote speaker, Mr. Daniel Buccino, is the director of Johns Hopkins Civility Initiative. With P.M. Forni, Mr. Buccino was a founding member of the Johns Hopkins Civility Initiative in 1998 and he became its Director in 2014. Mr. Buccino has published, lectured, and consulted widely on issues of psychotherapy outcomes, manners and mental health, the ethics and etiquette of health care, and on civility in health care, the academy, and in the workplace. Read more…

Workshops and Features
Workshop 1
Getting out of the Blame Game
The Rev. Arianne Rice, certified Daring Way facilitator
If we want to wholeheartedly participate in faithful and civil dialogue we need to examine how and when we focus energy on blame for a problem, instead of spending our energy towards collaborative solutions. In this workshop participants will:
• Learn how anxiety leads to shame and blame
• Understand what shame is and how it influences our thoughts and behaviors
• Understand what vulnerability is and why it is essential to “getting out of the blame game” and becoming a courageous leader
• Learn methods for recognizing our blame behaviors so that we can change our thoughts and actions

The Rev. Arianne Rice is a certified Daring Way facilitator™ and rector of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Towson. The Daring Way™ is based on the methodology of Dr. Brené Brown, known through her renowned 2010 TED Talk “The Power of Vulnerability” and best-selling books Daring Greatly and Rising Strong. Her work explores vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness and helps people examine the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that are holding us back so we can identify the new choices and practices that will move us toward more authentic and wholehearted living.


Workshop 2:
My World: Building a Community of Reconciliation
Dr. Greg Finch, Wild Geese Among Us
Strategic, informed, creative civility is an abiding touchstone that continues to powerfully transform the world. When we empower ourselves as both advocate and agent of civility we invite reconciliation into our unique spheres of influence. In this workshop participants will:

  • Experience ancient-yet-evergreen spiritual practices that can ground and introduce civility throughout your spheres of influence.
  • Discover biases and bridges that impact civility.
  • Explore creative ways to act as both advocate and agent of reconciling civility.
  • Walk away with a “next step” plan for introducing civility in at least one personal, professional, or global aspect of your daily living.

Dr. Greg L. Finch is as the Director for Learning Initiatives for WildGeeseAmongUs—a multi-disciplinary consulting practice that creates learning environments to transform the people who change the world. As former Associate for Collaborative Projects at the Washington National Cathedral Greg guided The Community of Reconciliation—an ecumenical spiritual community centered at the Cathedral linking spirituality and action through radical balance as an alternative to our often fragmented existence. As a peer-recognized organizational strategist, educator/trainer, program facilitator, and leadership mentor Greg has designed and facilitated programming, retreats and workshops, education forums, symposia, and outreach events around the globe.  Read more…

Collaborative Creativity
Enacting Change Through Art Making
Co-Presenters/Facilitators: Ms. Jessica Wyatt, Ms. Mabeth Hudson and Dr. Greg L. Finch

Participants will have the opportunity to take a unique journey through the creative process by engaging in individual and collective art making in response to the speakers, workshops, and dialogues from earlier in the conference. By the end of the conference, participants will all have a hand in making one collective art piece to be displayed publicly showcasing a collective call to action.
Developer: Jessica Wyatt, Arts Facilitator, builds relationships across various institutions and cultures to achieve outcomes aligning with growth and development. Over the years, Jessica has learned from experiences ranging from Peace Corps service, to being an adjunct Art History professor, to working full time as a volunteer coordinator (just to name a few), to know that empowering leaders and leveraging the skills and interests of participants results in greater success in the organization’s growth and allows for buy-in and an increase in interest and participation. Jessica received her MFA in Community Arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2012 and has been facilitating arts workshops throughout the greater Baltimore region with participants of backgrounds ranging from refugees to incarcerated parents and beyond. In addition to her full time position at UMBC, she is an active member in the community through through engagement with my neighborhood association board, community organizing work, and local arts organizations focused on women’s issues and youth development.

Co-Facilitator: Mabeth Hudson, is Founder of Well for the Journey (the Well) a center based in Towson, Maryland, that encourages spiritual wellness through innovative programs and resources. She is a program leader, curriculum writer, and spiritual director. After practicing law for the early part of her career, she helped birth the Well through intentional discernment in community. Mabeth holds a law degree from Emory University School of Law and Master of Arts in Spiritual and Pastoral Care from Loyola University Maryland.


Monday, 4-6 PM
Part 1 – Digging Deep and Letting it Out

Monday, 7-9 PM
Part 2 – Deconstruction and Reconstruction

Tuesday, 3-4 PM
Part 3 – Committing to Change