About the Chapman Dialogues
The Chapman Dialogues is an ongoing series of conferences focusing on contemporary issues of faith, designed to
inspire, enliven and educate. Offered annually, each conference features a different theme, speakers and agenda.

Each conference includes plenary sessions, workshops, discussions, and outdoor activities, along with the building of community, and sharing in fellowship and meals.

Why the Chapman Dialogues?
Edward-Bo-ChapmanThe Rev. Edward “Bo” Chapman was rector of Emmanuel Parish, Cumberland, Md., from 1985 until his sudden death in 2014. He became involved with diocesan work and with Claggett Center as a chaplain and leader for the summer youth camps and became a member of the Claggett board. He was very invested in the ministry of Claggett and excited as it began is renovation and rejuvenation through its capital campaign. Camp and conference center ministry was a constant throughout Bo’s vocation from his earliest days as a priest.

Bo and his wife Mary Ann helped design and gave the St. Thomas Becket Chapel in the former barn silo, as a memorial to her brother, John R. Gerwig III.

Bo had been saddened to learn of the closing of the College of Preachers that for years had met in Washington, D.C. To him, those talks, like Kellogg Lectures in MA, were amazing opportunities for education and enlightenment. He shared that disappointment with Bishop Robert W. Ilhoff and they had a common vision for a reprieve: Claggett. Its location was ideal, and now its accommodations would be as well. Along with Lee Tidball and others, they formed a plan, sought support, and were blessed by the vision of a long and happy tradition of excellence.

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